Saturday Allstars

Fun, structured weekly sessions suitable for all abilities aged 6-11.


Allstar Champs

Ages 4-6

This session is for children in school years Reception and Year 1. We introduce the children to team games where they can learn the skills to work as a team and achieve a shared goal. The players also explore their individual skills and get comfortable with the ball at their feet.

Allstar Hot Shots

Ages 6-8

This session is for children in school years 2-4. We build on their individual skills and embrace creativity on the ball. We also encourage team work and promote good sportsmanship which in turn increases confidence of all players as they feel comfortable in the environment.


Allstar Legends

Ages 9-11

Technical and social skills such as team work are all built on and fitness is introduced in order for them to have the stamina for game situations and allow them to concentrate on their skill. Fun is still the main element!



How long are these sessions?

Sessions are 1 hour long.

Do all the children train together?

The sessions are split into appropriate age groups so your child will be training with other players of a similar age.

My child has never played football before. Does it matter?

Absolutely not. These sessions cater for children of all abilities including complete beginners. The goal of these sessions is to ensure children have a fun, positive experience through football.

How do I pay?

Sessions can either be paid on a pay-as-you-go basis or can be paid monthly. For those that choose to pay monthly, their child gets a free EO Allstars kit.

Is this session just for girls?

No, this session is for boys and girls but numbers are equal and there are certainly just as many girls, if not more, than boys.